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NetBeans Training at Faculty of Organisational Sciences

posted Mar 1, 2010, 2:10 PM by Zoran Sevarac   [ updated Mar 13, 2010, 12:02 PM by Damir Kocic ]

We're very happy to announce that members of our user group and coleagues from our Univesity will attend the certified NetBeans platform training from March 13. to 15.

Try tutorial at to prepare for the training, also you may find useful  video materials at
The course assumes the student wants to create distributed Swing applications, while having no knowledge of the NetBeans Platform or its idioms at all, and focuses hands-on work. Each presentation is followed by a workshop, with extra workshop time at the end of each day using tried & tested exercises.


Here is the final list of participants


Official training mailing list is

Check out the discussions nad latest announcements at


  1. Geertjan Wielenga
  2. Toni Epple


DAY 1. Saturday, March 13.
      Classroom: 116
  • 09 - 12h Lectures and workshops
  • 12 - 14h Break
  • 14 - 17h Lectures and workshops
Topics covered on the first day will be:
  • Getting started with the NetBeans Platform
  • Module System
  • Service Infrastructure
  • Window System
DAY 2. Sunday, March 14.
      Classroom: IBM
  • 09 - 12h Lectures and workshops
  • 12 - 14h Break
  • 14 - 17h Lectures and workshops
Topics covered on the second day will be:
  • File System and Data System
  • Nodes API
  • Explorer View and Pallete
  • Visual Library API
DAY 3. Monday, March 15.
      Classroom: 116
  • 10 - 14h Lectures and workshops
  • 14 - 16h Break
  • 16 - 18h Lectures and workshops
Topics covered on the third day will be:
  • Workshop based on suggestions from previous day
  • Miscellaneous APIs
  • Porting Applications to NetBeans Platform
  • Ideas for Modules

Many thanks to Geertjan and Toni for this opportunity to learn more about NetBeans Platform,  and also to Faculty of Organisational Sciences  for supporting this training.